Thursday, January 11, 2018

Harem c7m3 out to Patrons, c7m2 out to the public!

And Harem c7m3 is ready for release!  7m3 you ask?  Harem has always done its chapters geographically, and Elan is big enough to be its own chapter.  So Harem c6m6 becomes Harem c7m0 retroactively, making what would have been 6m9 into c7m3.  And no, I’m not going to go back and actually change the old version!

Enough bookkeeping, let’s talk about content!  Cecilia has proven to be much more complicated and a huge writers block for me, but I was able to get through the first half of it.  Even that swelled to over 40 pages and over 50 images of content.  She’ll be finished in 7m4!  I’ve also been teasing that you’ll be able to train your women in The King’s Pleasure and the first two trainings are now available.  And the location poll is making it clear that you all want to return to Celee so I’m starting the questline to get you there.  Talk to Praetor Mercalius in Corsix to get that started.

Finally, this release is a bit shorter than I was wanting it to be.  My own time was reduced because of the holidays and none of my part time writers found the time to write at all.  We’ve had some frank discussions about expectations and requirements, hopefully this situation doesn’t repeat.  But enough with the talking, its time for the link!

Harem c7m3
-Change to numbering, Chapter 7 begun when the player entered Elan.  So c6m6 was the first release of Chapter 7
-Cecilia is a Shada, resistant to your power.  The Mask of Senesca will finally shatter that resistance!
-Claudia and Caliga seem to be vying for your attentions.  That could be useful, as are the people of Elan.  Time to get to work.
-To get back into Celee, you'll need permission from the Praetor of Corsix, and you haven't taken everything from that area yet.
-Your women may be great in bed, but there's always room for improvement.  Time to start training them in The King's Pleasure.
-5 new scenes added, 2 more coming for Legates+.
-123 new images added (more to come in Legate+ version)
-120 pages of new content added! (more to come in Legate+ version)

CG packs and polls will be updated in the next few days, probably with the Legate+ release

And with c7m3 out for my patrons, the public gets “what’s now being called” c7m2.  7m2 advanced both the Elan and Tenta’s storyline, with you learning more about the complex relationship between Caliga and Claudia as well as spending some quality time with Rhea or Alena and getting some good pillow talk afterwards.  Hiro was able let the player capture Rhea on the light path if you missed her before and brought her up to speed, as well as moved Laura along a step.  And Donnie/Tomas finally get a bit of action… but only if you allow it!

Content additions
-The Elan story continues!  After a night with Kathleen in the inn, you return to Caliga and report what you found in Senesca.  Or at least, what he wants to know
-With several provinces open to you, there must be more places to collect Elemental Hearts to find the Eldari.  Phoebe will have several quests for you, and one quite enjoyable misunderstanding.
-Additional scenes with Rhea and Alena (Light and Dark, respectively) learning more of what the Tenta's do to women in their enclave.
-You took Laurent, Jacob's son, from Corsix.  Now you have Laura, a beautiful slave.  This will take a bit of talking to work out.
-Two Evocati wanted to commission scenes inside of the game, so both Phoebe/Kat's scene and a training sequence for Donnie/Tomas is their's!
-If you didn't capture Rhea in Lesser Corsix on the Light route, you can now get her into your harem after taking care of Vanessa.
-5 new scenes, 2 variants for Rhea's reconciliation, and 1 new Legate scene!
-148 pages of new content, 164 new images!

Bug fixes
-Fixed a repeat issue with Laura/Laruent and her father.
-Fixed an issue where could you get blocked out of the villages during Heather's quest.

-The Magister meeting now triggers immediately after Senesca.  It will trigger when you enter is basement chambers

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Happy New Years!

First and foremost, I hope you all had a great new year’s celebration and wish you all the best in 2018!  Hopefully your resolutions last all the way into February! 

Harem c6m9’s beta test began today!  What’s it 6m9 for sure is the next step in the Elan section.  Claudia is worth a spot in your harem, but there’s an entire province for you to search.  Time to broaden your horizons while you work on Claudia.  Speaking of broadening horizons, it’s time to make your haremettes more… versatile.  The courtesan trainings in the King’s Pleasure are starting up.  t51 had to be called down to Mexico and Altan moved, so I’ve also added a new questline in Corsix.  But Mercalius is a busy man, you may have to meet him offsite…

On to other matters.  First, we’ll be finishing up Elan in the next 3ish releases.  Do you all want to spend a month or three revisiting our old friends Celee before going onto Greca.  Alice, Baylie, and Julianne were just teases during chapter 3&4, maybe we get a shot at a few of them, as well as taking care of a few unresolved storylines. Or do you want to move onto Greca and resume the chase for Melony, Betsy, Isabella and Eleanor?  Either way, we’ll be going to both places before the game is over!

Finally, I’m considering putting in a chapter break somewhere in the Denai/Elan/Corsix content.  I really should have done so earlier, we’re getting up to a silly number of minors in chapter 6.  So I’d like either call chapter 6 ended with Cecilia’s breaking (hopefully 6m9) or retcon back to when a new province opened up.  Let me know if you have any thoughts either way.

And of course, temptations for the free players.  Patreon bills monthly, which means the beginning of the month is the best time to pledge.  You not only get access to 6m9 when it comes out, you also get the immediate satisfaction of downloading 6m8 immediately!  Maybe even treat yourself to a $25 pledge and get dozens on Legate only scenes!