Wednesday, July 26, 2017

6m4 update!

Things are coming!  I'm back up to being able to put in 4+ hour days at least (which is less than usual) and there should be a August release of 6m4 to my patrons.

What I'm hoping to include with it:
Sarah's reward scenes (written, imaged, coded)
A scene set with Rachel (Written, imaged)
A scene set with Fiona (written)
An event with Leona
Noemi's poll scene
Commissioned scenes.
TL'DR - No quests, but a quite a few scenes!
Just keep in mind this is what i want to release, but I'm assuming that I don't take a step back again.  I'm feeling much better and think I'm past the worst of it, but don't want to promise atm.

Assuming that I am past it, August will be a full month of development and you should see me back to my usual productive self for 6m5. 

And as usual, once 6m4 goes out to the Patrons, 6m3 will be made available to the public!  Here's a few teasers from the 6m3 content.  If you don't want to wait, well you'll get instant access to it for a $5 pledge on Patreon and get 6m4 as soon as it's ready!

Monday, July 17, 2017

1 step forward, 3 steps back.

Sorry for the extended absence.  Turns out that I was in the midpoint of getting sick, not the end of it.  Spent too long waiting for myself to get better and let things get far more serious than they ever should have been.  Ended up getting bounced back into the hospital with complications and then spent a week with the family recuperating.  I’m back on my feet now, but nowhere near 100%.  I will have to cancel the July release unfortunately.

My plans for the next few days is to try to get the 6m4 stuff on course for an August release.  Sarah’s bit is still good to go, t51’s work on Fiona and Leona should be good for it as well.  I hope to additional work done on Vanessa and Cecilia, as well as the patron poll for Noemi.  As I get a better grasp of how much I can get done for August, I will let you know!

Thank you for the patience and well wishes during my illness.  Sorry I went dark for so long, I will try to communicate better in the future.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Poll update, interview, and being alive!

The c6m4 poll is looking very close.  Normally I move the top 3 women from the primary to the final, but Noemi and Samantha ended the primary being tied at 25 votes.  So, they both move on, along with Terra and Donna.  This will decide who gets a reward scene in c6m4, a chance for your women to get a special night with you to act out their own desires.  The next round of voting is a speed round, it’s going to run from today to the end of day on the 25th!

Requires a $2+ pledge

In other news, I spent a few hours last night getting interviewed by Sigea from Lewdgamer.  It’ll be a few days (at least) before the interview gets posted on their site, but it was a very fun experience.  I haven’t have a formal interview for many years, even counting job interviews.  More than a decade at least.

Finally, I’m alive!  Not feeling 100%, but much better than I have for the last week or two.  Was able to write about 20 pages of Cecilia’s submission in addition to the interview!  Looking like it’s going to be an interesting sequence, with 3 different ways of making her join your harem. 

I’m guessing c6m4 will be a few days later in July than normal, but despite my weeks of illness, it will definitely come out in July!

Monday, June 19, 2017


Sorry for my relative silence for the last week or so.  I think a combination of the goofy weather here and too many long days working on c6m3 wore me out.  Picked up a nasty sinus infection that kept me out of the loop for a while, and prevented me from doing much but laying in bed and hurting whenever I tried to think much.

Feeling a touch better now, good enough to start writing as well, but lost nearly a week’s worth of dev time, which is about a third of the time I have for writing each month.  There we definitely be a 6m4, but it will be a smaller release as a result of the lost time.  t51b and Hiro should have a good amount of content for me to code and image, but my own contributions will be less as a result. 

What my own goals are for 6m4:
Get Samantha back on her feet (done)
Make Cecilia your slave, truly this time.  Might be a quest in it
Get a pair of scenes done for Rachel, possibly a dual set so I can use her next questline.
Do the Patreon poll scenes (currently Terra’s leading)
Do the Commissioned scenes
Add t51b’s and Hiro’s writing into the game.